Sunday, October 13, 2013

dailycreate log Oktober 13th 2013

"Sit for a few minutes in a quiet space. Write about what you hear."

A daily create I wish I had done, but still did not. I embed one example, yet, there are many more beautiful contributions.

Wind on the Hill
Written by johnjohnston on September 29, 2013 11:31 am
On a hillwalk, I pause to listen, I do not sit down the grass is wet. At first all I hear is the wind, my breathing and heart thumping, my breathing and heart calm. The wind is blowing, quite hard, in my ears, across the opening, through the reeds and grass nearby, over the hills on the other side the reservoir below. Down the glen a buzzard mews. My eyes close and I hear more, a lorry 3km away on the Loch Lomond road, the outlet from the reservoir.

I feel reminded on one of Johns pictures he uploaded on flickr.


The first dailycreate I managed since my last log was: Draw a map that shows alternate paths from here to there. I remember I was late, still, better late than never.

Ways through a winter forest.

Here I took Chinese ink and a frost blue water color. I let them flow across the paper and also drew with a brush over it.

Next there was the idea to shoot a video concerning food and Karen Young impressed me by telling me how I can avoid crying when chopping  onions.

I also was surprised by a tweet, Rochelle sent me for her animation of a birthday cake, which she prepared for her happy 51st birthday.

The next surprise caught me when I saw that a dailycreate was postet which was created by me.
"Cry, die, then fly … take a picture that expresses emerging from a crisis."
You can read about it in my last dailycreate log.

What a beautiful morning.

I took photographs of a film on my screen and combined them with the help on a photo editing software by arranging them and using layer modes. Finally I desaturated the picture.

Maybe Christen Bouffard used a technique similar to the above example to create the following picture where a dailycreate advised her to combine two visual patterns.


Viewing the examples I sensed that the terms visual patters was differently interpreted. Some strictly used what the common sense says is a pattern, others saw a pattern in pictures about something.

Then Alan Levine was blessed with a cute idea
"I’m in Alaska! Draw me an abstract image a bear or a moose!!
and I wasn't able to resist, I had to draw.

Guilia kindly gave the being a name.    

"That's pretty adorable! This might be the next big holiday gift all the kids are begging for. The AlaMooskaBear."

AlaMooskaBear in Snowy Landscape
Shortly afterwards I even came to a photograph of the AlaMooskaBear.

Here it was supposed to see a bear of the AlaMooskaBear. He has run away 

Finally, just today I saw this awesame video by Chris concerning the dailycreate
"Make a lip-dub video to a song about radio."

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