Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cultural Tension

Four years ago I joined facebook. This was an interesting experience for me and I tried to make out what unwritten rules I should consider here. It was a long time until I dared to participate in any conversation. Now I use one of my first tries for an ds106 assignment which is called 'Text Impersonation'.

Michal has posted a photograph of three men sitting in a restaurant on a bench, arms around the necks of the neighbor.

This was the start of the dialogue I have chosen to act out and record:

In the following, you can also read the dialogue.

Michael (Hawaiian):
It's backlit and dark, but it's the only photo I have of our art school reunion with Karl and Chris - a very good moment.
    Karl (German): Filled up and high on Sake ;-)

    Michael (Hawaiian): Hey, glad you made it back ok. : )

                                     It was good to see you, old man.

    Min (Asian): That's sweet!

    Yong (Asian): Three brothers in Phila!

    Karl (German): hehe... and it goes from 'white as a cheese-cake' towards 'white with little bit of asian' towards 'asian'. Chris is so to speak the 'missing-link'

    Michael (Hawaiian): I knew I had a role on this planet! And yes, I think I may have been called something like a 'missing link' between humans and sub-humans in the past by certain girlfriends. ; )

    Karl (German): humans and subhumans? what a horrible thing to say! girlfriends....tststs... I knew there is a reason why I don't let those into my life!

    Anna (German): Who, in the end, were the sub-humans is not really mentioned, is it? But I agree. There is no thing such a sub-human here.


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