Friday, March 15, 2013

9 out of 21

A post about my daily creates during 7th week, spring break and 8th week, which are:
writing about glasses and a mermaid wearing some; videos about garbage, bubbles and an old man; an origami heart and the create letters; all thought out while looking into the sky out of my window:

I have laid around thinking about things when I realized the nice formation of clouds. I also remembered that there was a dailycreate, which demands a photo about our day dream window. My camera wasn't near to me so I had to get up to take it. Yet it was worth it. The photograph doesn't show the vastness I experience while looking out of my window, but it shows the dreamy feeling I have - the soft fabric, the dim consciousness symbolized by the soft light.
While looking out of this window I have found out about how I will present the letters from 'CREATE', which was simply producing a stencil of the letters and lay them over a picture of flowers and take a photograph of the arrangement.
The result may be a bit different from what was demanded, for many students put things together to build the word.
Origami is an art I am fascinated from again and again, so I was attracted by an assignment which asks to build an Origami just using a post-it note. I didn't have any, but I had a notepad and used it to build a heart with a base, which was fairly complicated, so that I called it 'Complicated Heart Folds'.

From other students I saw that the stickiness of the post-it note may have been an additional difficulty, which did not prevent the final Origamis from appearing beautiful. 

 The writing assignments are always interesting to me and this time two of them have been even more interesting. First I wrote about an underappreciated object, which I chose to be my new glasses. Later my new glasses had its say.
New Glasses
It is four month ago
 when I finally found you, glasses.
I saw you and knew
 that I must have you.
Hoping life will improve
 I gave all my riches to you.
First glimpse you present yourself
 black edged on the outside.
Nearer eyes know
 you’re magically green inside.
Now you show me
 my way through tiny letters.
Thank you I can write here
 praising your sight.
I'm not just new glasses ...
I have a name. I am Sophia and you know I am. You bought me. I tell you I am a present to you and don't try to contradict, I can see you thoughts, how you think that you haven't being able to gain me without paying for me. Hear this, I placed myself into these glasses. I am aware of your way of thinking. I understood you will look for glasses to achieve me, Sophia. I even knew which kind of glasses you are up to and which ways you will go to, and where you will look around for me. I just say philosophy or one of your favourite books "Sophie's World".
Still don't realize who I am?
Just remember this Greek signs Σοφíα, which is Sophia, when written in Latin letters.
And now go and write an ode which truly and entirely appreciate your new glasses.

After this I decided on drawing a mermaid with glasses, which was not the most important issue for this daily create, but to settle a mermaid into a real world place. I've put her into my bathroom, reading, wearing glasses. Maybe she is also an elder mermaid which is difficult to see with mermaids. Have you ever realized a mermaid as old? Reality tells me even mermaids have to grow older.

I first draw a mermaid with colored pencils. I already knew I will it make look suitable to the color drawing effect of my camera, so I outlined the drawing with different colors. After this I took a photograph of part of a washbasin with the above mentioned filter and I also took a photograph of the mermaid drawing without any filter. In a photo editing software I used the layer mode 'Darken Only' to combine the photographs. I suddenly thought about some bounds which are able to protect the mermaid, for it is a so private place to be photographed in. I added a border for this. I like the dreamy result.

While mention the privacy of the mermaid it is a good link to the videos I've produced this three weeks.

I first was intrigued by the idea to make a video about garbage and recycling. Because garbage is a really private matter I tried to let it appear a bit more impersonal by striving the topic everyday garbage recycling in Germany.

Next I produced a video in which I summarized the novel 'The old man and the sea'. I had fun with using props which I built myself, a boat, a fish, a skeleton and an old man. It was not possible for me to restrict me to on minute, for the illustrating with props needs some time.
In both I had to struggle with the fact that I rarely speak English but almost ever write in English, where I have my time and my dictionary. Concerning this my language was slowly, I often had to think about words which may demand a great deal of the onlookers patience. In addition I had to manage both, the performance and the recording which is often contradictious, because for the one you have to concentrate and for the other you have to be cool and alive.
A third video was one about bubbles. This was fun, but I have learned that fun is not always easy. We can not take seriously when children are producing soap bubbles, but try it, it is quite difficult. The same with making a chewing gum bubble. Here I also was concerned about showing my mouth and tongue, but remembered many of my artist friends, who are far more fresh here, mostly to provoke I have to admit. Why not provoking?
I have to say many of the daily creates are not possible to manage in about twenty minutes, but I still like the challenge. More often I skip the easy ones rather than the more demanding assignments.

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