Thursday, February 14, 2013

Magical Nature

Animated gifs summarizing the movie Spiderwick.
Some time ago I read a book titled Spiderwick (wiki). Naturally I was curious to also watch the movie (wiki). I enjoy comparing movies to the corresponding book in general, and I also compare it with the images the book evokes in me.
I like the Spiderwick movie, yet it is not as rich as the book is, especially because the book has magnificent illustrations which are difficult to put into moving pictures.
The first gif shows how Arthur Spiderwick, a scientist, takes a fairy he has just caught out of a box and he starts making a drawing of the fairy.
Like this Spiderwick has written a complete book about magical creatures around his house. He then get caught by fairies, for they fear the dark creature Mulgarath might use Spiderwicks knowledge to rule their world. The book however remains hidden in Spiderwicks house.
80 years later his great-nephew Jared finds it and reads through it in one night.


What Jared has read about he soon watches in the world around him. There are the fairies ...

and there are goblins, who abduct his twin brother Simon.

Jared follows the goblins and finds his brother caught in a cage. An old man talks to him and finally set him free, but ... 


The old man is Mulgarath, who is able to change his appearance. Mulgarath send the goblins to follow Simon and Jared.

Finally Mulgarath attacks Jared to get the book, yet when he changes to the shape of a bird a so called hobgoblin, who loves eating birds, catches and eats him. The magical world again is save and not in danger any more to be ruled by the wicked Mulgarath.

For creating the above gifs I used the same technique as I used in Old Man Complaining, a gif I produced earlier in the course.

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