Monday, January 28, 2013

Talk Story


Always the first thing which I associate with storytelling is something I've learned from a Hawaiin. "E komo mai."  means something like 'Welcome, come in.' but also 'come in and tell your story'. I love the idea of welcoming people to tell their story.

Then I know the term from the world of movie making and animation where it is essential you have a story first. You can not make any movie without a story. I've already learned something about characters and how to use the possibilities of a camera to convey a story.

For me the term storytelling is from a foreign language, which means my native language is different from English. Therefore I have no childhood memories for this term and there actually is no word in my language which means fully the same as storytelling. If I translate it literally it means "Geschichten erzählen" and this again means thinking out a good story to entertain your friends. It also means lies, for children always believe their own stories but adults call them lies, unfortunately.

Digital Storytelling

The word digital storytelling is very new to me. I imagine here all around Internet and computer and possibilities of presenting stories in a personalised environment. With the new resources like Internet I can tell stories and present them to the world without being part of a film team or something like that, or without having to find a publisher for my written work. It has a lot to do with personal communication, too. Like I told my childhood friends stories I can tell my stories to people in the Internet to entertain them. Although the way I am telling a story has changed. They are not only words but photographs, videos, written words, gifs.

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