Saturday, January 26, 2013


Summary of week 2

This week I started with reading the "weekly stuff to do checklist" page which is designed for the UMW students of Alan Levine. I read through the week 2 page and sorted what I may do as an open online participant and what not and I definitely decided to do an animated gif. I also thought a welcome page, which leads to my various links, is a great idea. In addition for some reflection  I again will have a weekly summary.

I started with creating the welcome page, which was OK and successful. I just  asked myself if it is good to bother a person, I may send the link to, with choices or rather give them a direct link to a certain page.
I also started sorting my posts via tags, which you can find on the right side of the blog posts. These tags are working as categories the reader can choose from. Now anyone can click there to get for example all posts which are photographs. I like this.

Do not ask me about the animated gif. I do not really know what I did. I worked through loads of information about how to create it and was happy when it finally came to use Gimp, which I know well. However, it was fascinating to create this particular gif and I felt good that I managed the challenge and about my new  achievement.

Over this I just was able to do two of the dailycreate assignments which include a photograph about what I can not miss during a day and a sentence about the sky.

Which is really important to me is the possibility to be able to see what my fellow students are creating and realising again and again how different the approaches to a task are and all quite beautiful.

With this week full of fun and challenge and enrichment by my fellow students I am excited to continue the course.

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