Thursday, January 24, 2013

Old Man gets terribly Hurt

This was quite a piece of work. I knew roughly what kind of gif I want to create. This is why I put my DVD into the computer and started as it was described in the ds106 handbook, using handbrake. It did not work, for my DVD was copy protected. I had to figure out how to solve this and after some consideration about if it is allowed to get around the protection I read something about, that it is allowed if you have bought the DVD for yourself. I got a software called AnyDVD (This page might be in German.) for this and then I proceeded in following the handbook description and you can see it worked for me.

The gif shows a wizard in a very famous film, who visited his small friend in his place and bumped his head against a rafter. I imported a set of images into Gimp and copied any of them and put them in reversed order. This way the motion goes forward and backward. Together with the repetition is seems a never-ending motion or a never-ending complain of a hurt old man.

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