Monday, January 21, 2013


BlackTea by StefanieSophie
BlackTea, a photo by StefanieSophie on Flickr.
Take a photo of the ONE thing you MUST see, do, eat, hear, etc. everyday!

When I read this dailycreate suggestion I knew at once this must be a photograph about tea. I really must drink some black tea in the morning and I often also drink some later in the day. To take the photo I just had to pile up tea in the lid of my tea tin. I took the picture with a DSLR camera. First I experimented around with the Manual mode, but could not get a better picture than with the given Macro mode of the camera. I thought a bit about the depth of field, which blurred both, foreground and background. I felt fine with this after some time. I also edited the picture. I changed some yellowish colours  nearer to cyan and added an effect which simulates a look through a magnifying glass.
I do not just associate tea with this picture, but the MUST described in the task, in a sense that the MUST may be near to any naive but deep passion inside people.

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