Saturday, September 7, 2013

Getting In Touch.

Gif Fight means a page where you can find every two weeks an inspiration for an animated gif. The "fight" may mean that it is a challenge to compare yourself to other participants' creations. Still, the challenge which was designed for the headless ds106 course of 2013 makes it difficult to think about a fight. I found this, two mannequins already peacefully side by side.

Only for me it seemed they have difficulties to get in touch. With my gif version I tried to help them with this.

I drew leaves on different layers which twine around the neighbouring arms of the mannequins.

Then  I took an animated gif of a bunch of pink roses, which I found in the web.

One rose I copied to my tendril layers.

After this I animated the arms of the mannequins, the way that they finally get in touch. After the arms have gotten in touch, I added the animated bouquet as  a result of their new relation, which may mean creating together is better than fighting.

For the appropriate assignment idea of the ds106 assignment bank you can click here.

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