Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Since I've joined ds106 I was fascinated from the skull symbol, which is often used within ds106. This made me thought, for it is not necessarily a nice metaphor. Finally I knew what my link was here: Creativity!

According to my understanding of the skull metaphor I created a stamp. The idea I got from the ds106 assignmnent "ds106 Goes Postal", where you are supposed to create a stamp to honor ds106.


I took pictures from a website about Leonardo da Vinci and his anatomy drawings. I was fascinated from the asymmetry of the skull, which is again deathly creative. Look around, you will find a lot of skull drawings all very symmetric. Leonardo dares to draw a skull different.

However, I arranged the skull and the bones in my photo editing software and added the ds106 letters on the skull's forehead (like a postmark). The letters you can find on the page.

Finally I wrote "#deatlyCreative" where normally the price of the stamp is to be found.

For the 'stamp edge' I took a picture of a stamp and selected the edge of the picture. I used this selection to cut out the edges of my picture.

So this is the way I would honor ds106 with a stamp.

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