Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The dancing sisters and their dog.

You think I am just a stuffed animal. I AM NOT!!!

OK, when I was found by my friend Hanna I actually hung around on a stand for stuffed animals, by mistake, naturally, but this didn't mean anything and Hanna knew this.

I was called Herr Hund and became part of the sister's life. One day they had the idea to perform a dance for a charity event together with some kids. I really was utterly embarrassed of this idea, but then after some while I had the wish to join.

Hanna taught me how to tap dance and that it was. I also recommended to the sisters that they should have feathers on their heads, like dancers have to have, but they didn't want. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed of this rejection of a really good idea, but then I just put a feather on my head which looked very nice.

A friend of Hanna made a video of us. Enjoy :)

Making of the video:

I used a tripod to position a camera in front of my screen. Then I fixed the dog puppet on a stick. I started a youtube video clip and the same time I started the video recording option of my camera.
I took the puppet and let it dance. I tried to make it coherent with what you can see in the video and I added wuffs with my voice. It was funny to watch how I had to dance to make the dog dance. I even get a bit out of breath.

The video I've used, is "Um Himmels Willen - Nackte Tatsachen". This is a German show about sisters and a town in the south of Germany, where many people are Catholic.

The corresponding video assignment asked for making a video with a clip and a puppet, where you can either use the green screen technique or let your puppet appear in front of a playing video.

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