Friday, August 9, 2013

Tea with Buzz Lightyear.

When I wrote a letter to a fantasy character according to this day's dailycreate, I immediately thought about Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story. He is a bit down and wasn't able to reject an invitation to tea, where a little girl makes him one of her female tea guests.

... but here is my letter. I, as many little girls, also once imagined me at a tea table with other "women" talking about this and that:

Liebe Frau Vogel,

Do you remember the meetings in my parents' garden so many years ago? When I discovered a neighbor's girl has gotten a tea set, so beautiful you can hardly imagine, white and with delicate flowers of pastel colors. I did not tell anyone that I from now on wished so dearly to have a tea set, to invite friends and to talk about what goes on in the world. Some days later I sat in a hidden part of the garden and you came along, just like that. You unpacked your bag with a most beautiful tea set with tea already in it and some delicious cake, already on the plates. Not long there came along three more friends, Frau Fink, Frau Amsel and Frau Star. We chatted about the farmer's family, where they have a bit of an unlucky atmosphere, and I've listen to the story of the lonely teacher, who still lives with his Mum. I actually felt just like a grown up woman like you were and for this I wore a beautiful flowered summer dress, like your dress. All good things have an end and after you and my new friends have come about 7 times you told me at our last meeting that there are other little girls waiting for you to come and that I am now strong enough to go my way without you. That was OK, because the next day I met a girl, who became my friend for some time (it was the neighbor's girl with the tea set). Later there have been many more friends, with and without tea sets. Thank you so much, Frau Vogel.


your Stefanie

For the gif I have downloaded the Toy Story scene and added to the headless dolls some birds, which I have slightly animated. I have chosen birds, because I named them after birds like Amsel (merle) or Fink (finch).


  1. This is nice! The story is a great one about a child coming to their own identity and ability to make friends. At first, I wondered about the gif, but soon realized that the bird-heads (Vogelköpfen) were projections of fantasy, either yours or Buzz's. Woody seems confused by it all, but we know he is a True Friend to all.


  2. Thank you, Bill, for linking my story to the gif, I did not in first place; and you seem to know some German :)