Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not quite Norma Jeane, but me.

Norma Jeane was a beautiful and sexy woman, indeed and when Tom Woodward posted the ds106 assignment idea of imitating some of her expressions, he certainly knew this will not be easy if not impossible, but he posted it for the humor in his idea. 
I ignored the humor and I carefully watched her expressions and tried myself, but all looked wrong. Then I imagined Norma Jaene tries imitating me. I then knew she would have looked wrong either. She just was her best self and someone took photographs of her. I then did so myself. I was just myself and took black and white photographs of me. I have chosen the pictures which present me in a good light and arranged them in Gimp with the alignment tool on a black background. In the following you can see that it works good not attempting to copy another person, but rather being yourself.  Yet, I could not resist trying the tongue technique; not quite Norma Jaene, actually (:

Not quite Norma Jeane, but me.

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