Sunday, May 12, 2013

Green Home

I wouldn't claim that green is my favourite color, but it is obviously one of my most-liked shades as you can see in this post.

Early this week I wrote some poetry about the color green, when a daily create asked me to do so.
Google your favorite color. Write a 3-line poem about the first result.
Living Green
Three beautiful greens made by the mineral world,
    - emerald, jade and celadon -
but how many more shades of green animated nature has unfurled.

Later a second daily create reminds me more of a warm, light brown, but also of nature which color for me is green.
What is your favorite word and why?
Kirschbaumholz or Cherry(Tree)Wood
Three reasons for my favorite word, which evokes charming images in front of me, three reasons for three words:
Kirsche or cherry for a sweet dark red fruit,
Kirschbaum or cherry tree for the lovely cherry blossom
and Kirschbaumholz or cherry(tree)wood for the beautiful and warm look of cherry wood.

When I browsed the assignment bank for some good ideas concerning photography I saw one, where it is supposed to take a photograph of your room and in an editing software make one color visible, while the rest remains black and white.
I did not like taking a photograph of my entire room. I rather took several photographs of details in my room and arranged them to one image. All together displays a story about the color green at my place. This story you can read starting with any picture and going on where ever you think it might go on.

There once was a green lizard, that got lost in an apartment house. First it thought the origami planet looks so nicely like me, maybe I can talk to it, but it did not answer and the lizard got sad. The green lizard found consolation when it tasted the delicious green salad and when the little saurian turned around there even were strawberries, which it just smelled because the color has gone to where the red home lives. The lizard wanted to try some flowers, but they again were just from paper and not eatable. Last the green little animal sniffs the different kinds of tea and liked this much, but did not try eating them. The lizard had to go for it rather likes living outside, although it thought I might come back one day or I will go to the red home where I can try to become a red lizard.

Green Home
Actually I did not use an editing software for making only one color visible, but used a mode on my camera where you can set up the color which will be visible. Still, I had to use Gimp for arranging the images. I just used the Move Tool together with the option "Pick a layer or guide". I also used the Rectangle Select Tool to add a border to each image, while using Menu -> Edit -> Stroke Selection.
On my Flickr account you can find my album Green Home, where I took the images from for my green home arrangement.


  1. I love the way the images and collection turned out. The colours are lovely and spaced out nicely. A beautiful set!

  2. Thanks :)
    Do you also participate in ds106?