Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Dream of Travelling Fast

Imag[in]ing the Streets with Google Street View

With the help of Google Maps I now will try to reconstruct a weird experience I had some time ago. If you do not know about the passages, just believe me. You also have to believe me that it was not a passage which brought me to the first place below. This is the real secret of my story and I will not rest until I have found out.

At first I did not know where I was, really, I just became aware that I must have left Moscow. I can not remember how I got here.

With no idea how to proceed I went up to the light, the end of the tunnel. After some while I got stuck, didn't know which way to take.

I made the right way and finally discover a place I could rest a bit. They sent me away because I had no money for buying anything to drink. Later I found a water fountain where I could lighten me from my thirst.


I moved around wildly and then I knew, this it is. This will bring me back home to Moscow.

I could feel the intensity of the place, the energy, which told me it is one of the passages. Eyes closed I stretched out my arms and contacted the powers, that will transport me across time and space. I felt the energy filling me and then a short weird emotion. I appeared right next to this beautiful cathedral were I will now enter and will meet brother Nikolei, who may be able to tell me what brought me to that strange place I have been.


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