Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leaving Past

Summary of week 7 and 8

A long, long time ago I've started week 7. I started with making a rough script for my radio show.
I also created a bumper to announce the show and a commercial to invite people to the next show of Radio Earth.
For the first scene of the radio drama I was inspired by the ds106 audio assignment 'Poetry Reading' and I also was inspired a lot more by the ds106 audio assignments while browsing through them to choose which one I may also take for a week 7/8 assignment. I think doing some of these assignments might result already in a good show when put together in an interesting way. However, I already knew what I am going to do.

Then the long way of creating the rest of the show starts.

To have some rest from audio I created a poster to announce radio earth.

At last I put together each part of the show to get the final radio drama including bumper and commercial.

In the end I felt freed from some past, because together with creating the show I will leave behind thinking about the difficult childhood of my parents. Their telling me about this has been a heavy burden for a long time. This should find peace now.

Besides of the radio show I took part in the lovely idea of ds106 of creating some Foley sound for Charly Chaplin in a Lion Cage. This is three minutes long and any students had to choose a 30 second part according to their birthday. I suppose that the pieces will be put together again to have the entire 3 minutes provided with Foley. This is my contribution.

I even left more past behind when I decided on the ds106 audio assignment 'Text Impersonation' for which I have selected a conversation on Facebook four years ago. I took part in this and at that time was shocked how fast a communication can change from happy to unfortunate. I as German actually felt a kind of responsible for this, because all the world still remembers what Nazi Germany did to human beings, especially the Jewish people. With this I will leave behind feeling responsible for any racist mood in whatever people.

To underline these intentions of feeling less responsible for the crimes of Nazi Germany I created some weather according to the ds106 audio assignment 'Imitate some weather'.

One of the origins of my audio assignments of 7/8 and the radio show is the dailycreate: Hum your first musical memory.

By the time I hummed this I was not sure if this is my first musical memory, but I suddenly remembered me making noises and humming when I was a child. This memories I used to create parts of the radio drama. I also remembered that making noises and music like a child was part of my talks with my professor in art university. By that time I was not able to make some art of this, but I was now, thanks to ds106 and their guidance and digital knowledge.
I also consider looking on the information about Foley, which ds106 provided, a step on my way. Here I especially remember a video about Fred Newman making noises.
Unfortunately one of my artist colleagues called this radio stuff, and I presume she meant this can not be art, but I do.

Until now sound has just been something I like playing around with, when creating videos or animations and I remember that I have experimentally composed some music with the help of very early audio editing software (Maybe ten years ago). Yet, I never thought I could produce such an extensive peace of audio. I can now. I thought about producing audio books and talked over this with a friend, who in the end made me just angry, for he said if I really want produce an audio book I can do it. It is not true. I may have had the minimal technical equipment for this, but to be taught how to do produce audio may be even more important.

I am also educated in music, which, concerning music, was a more serious matter to me than my early sound experiments. It wasn't possible to deepen my education for I have been already an adult when starting the education. In the end I was not able to compete with professional instrumental musicians, but I can see a chance now to make some really good digital audio.
However I ever was very able to compose, which I could not really include into my audio assignments. Maybe I should this make a future plan.

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