Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hidden Stories

It was Web Week and for me it has revealed beautiful stories I alone could not have told.

Still, you can start here with a story I made up with the help of some dailycreates and the magic of linking pages one to each other.

I will not explain how I've created any dailycreate and I will not link to them, because I've learned this week, revealing this, destroys the magic of the story.

In this sense look at two more stories that were hidden in the infinity of media and texts of the web.

'Looking for a Real Princes' is motivated by the fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea' by Christian Andersen. Storify enables you to look up media in the to Web use them to tell a story. You can add text between the media to connect them easily to a story.
Make your mind up yourself to interpret the story. I myself like the tale, because it says that only a real person, who has their own feelings and views, can be a real princess or prince I suppose.

The other story is 'The Dream of travelling fast', where I combined Google maps  and some text to a narrative.
It really is fascinating to browse through the maps, meeting people even, although they are past and just pictures of them.

I shall not forget to tell you about 'Ds106 Sweeties looking for Adoptive Parents', which I explain here.
I thought it may be possible to improve the links by creating more pages and link to them instead of linking to the original page. I mean to alter these original pages for the purpose of deepen the story, but I decided to maybe do so later, for the amount of time this would take.

Looking for all these stories in the web and the reading about some good ideas how to find them (ds106 web assignment page) revolutionizes my approach to story telling. When I started the week I felt strange with the idea of telling stories through the web, but it has become a familiar idea to me now. I always have looked in the direction of traditionally valued texts and media, but the web adds something fresh to a story. Inventing a fairy tale anew with Storify connects its content to modern life and makes it better understandable. This also may be valid for people who value the traditional stories more, for they do live in a modern world often very different from ancient tales.

This week I've also uploaded media to the ds106phonor drop box at
It wasn't easy to find them, because I usually delete anything I don't use. In the end I've found some media and interesting enough I started to value them as exciting and worth to be stored.

  • CarbonicAcidBubbles, which I did not use for my Bubble Video, because the auto focus of my camera drowns out the noise the bubbles make
  • MovingPavement, which I did not use because it was just a wrong setting of my camera. I only wanted to take a photograph for the Design Blitz assignment and did not need the video.
  • ShortMovement - JacketCloseUp, I unintentionally pushed the record button during my camera's video mode while shooting the Bubble Video.
  • PartOfStuffedAnimal - Ladybug, I did this for the Photoblitz assignment but decided not to display it.
  • WinterGardenBirds, is a sound file I've downloaded from, but did not use it, because the birds are too noisy for the atmosphere I intended in part of my Radio Show

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