Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To be continued

Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

For this I have to say whatever story I got interested in was something I needed to continue my own story. This way I searched the  in[SPIRE] site and the Best Work storage to find something which add to my experience around storytelling. I've just watched a post on my facebook page which left me behind with  doubts about the way young people perceive their environment. They are always so cool, which is meant with a bit of irony.

Yet, in the end it occupies me the way that I've chosen for the appreciation task two works which are related to the above post:

From the in[SPIRE] pool I picked a story about a speaking paper bag just like the paper bag in the above video.  I like it because it is funny, especially the kind of groan to the end of the story. I actually did not understand much of the words but I understood that the paper bag told me a story about him or herself, just like people do when they meet with someone they trust.

And the second story I've chosen from the Best Work Storage is  about the nation Canada just like in the first video. I really like the play of the three young men, which is natural and unspoiled and shows a lot of creativity. Although I am not quite sure which story they're telling. Why does Canada Man excuse himself?

It is true, I like the stories I have chosen from the stores more then the one I accidently was offered on facebook, but the Portrait of a Paper Bag is nevertheless an important story to me. Without it I may have not been able to go on with my storytelling story.

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