Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silent Motion

This is a stopmotion animation inspired by a dailycreate Suggestion by ds106: Find nearest over-looked everyday object. Fabricate a story about it being a key part of your childhood.

I bought felt tip pencils some time ago to make me taking notes rather than figuring out anything just in my mind.  I used them some time, then they became a kind of decoration.
I know from my live and my creations that combination of different colors are a big part of the child I was. I loved doing set theory in primary school or arranging sweets acoording to kind, shapes and colors. I am still doing it. For me this is a world of peace and order in a often confused world, especially in the topsy-turvy world of art.

I used a tripod to position my camera and changed the position of the pens step-by-step. Just one little piece of advice for stop motion novices: don't use the automatic exposure but find some good settings manually. The auto mode may cause different brightness in your pictures which adds restlessness. Though, you may like this.

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