Friday, January 18, 2013

20 uses of a banana

A writing dailycreate assignment:

making a banana sculpture, paper out of banana, banana ice, banana puree for infants, weapon prop, convenient place to stay for bird-eating spider (or banana-eating?), monkey meal, yellow part in a fruit bowl still, funny symbol of certain male organ, murder weapon (deliberately placed banana skin), fancy headgear (lasts just a short time!) ***SORRY, JUST TEN***

To list this uses of bananas was easy and difficult the same time. I had many ideas which was the easy part, but I did not like to reveal too much of my inside and nearly got a headache while thinking of what is right to reveal and what is wrong. Maybe this is the reason I just listed 10 points, but I am in general deeply annoyed about making lists, especially with numbers in front of any issues, and I am also deeply annoyed about being advised to create a certain number of something.

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