Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blue Guitar Blues

Following one of Alan Levine's calls for the ds106's dailycreates I created a photomontage according to tdc551:
I’ve Been Down So Long…
Take a Photo that represents the essence of Blues music.
The dailycreates often surprise me and I have to think for a while how I can add something interesting to them. With this assignment it was not like that, but I remembered while reading the assignment text some photographs I have once taken and uploaded to my Facebook account. These pictures altogether have in common that they describe my first time living in a big city, which is Berlin. I am from Lübeck a town where anyone tries to make the cityscape nice for tourists who like living in a kind of dollhouse for some time. This way Berlin may be more exciting, but also often more shocking.
Still, the meaning of the photomontage is more general. For me it has a dense symbolic meaning. In sum it means not being able to unite two positions like Eros and Logos or passion and intellect or just me and a friend. Blues music seems to be able of comforting me in this dilemma.

As it is I currently also play a little piece on my new guitar, the Blue Guitar Blues by Thaddeus Hogarth, which he wrote for guitar beginners. 
For the recording I first recorded the strumming part, then the picking part and while listening to the strumming part. You can do this in Audacity.  

The making of the photomontage:
I've taken three photos and loaded them as layers in Gimp. I scaled, cropped and placed them. To avoid hard edges I used a soft eraser to make the transition between the photos less visible. Having finished that I used the Colorize filter in the Color Menu. Then I applied a border filter which you can find in the so called FX-foundry.


  1. I really love your photo montage Stefanie. It inspires me to include this kind of effect in a future photo project that comes along. I like that you added the audio file to go with it too. I've been playing guitar since I was 12-years old, and it's always nice to hear someone learning to play.

  2. Thank you, Rochelle. I've listened to the song you've recently recorded. Apart from your awesome guitar playing I like your voice, too.
    Have fun with your photo project. I guess you use Photoshop. I just have Gimp, but if I can help, ask right away.